I start by finding out as much about your brand as possible, and what you would like to achieve on social media.

Following this initial consultation, I will draw up a proposal on how to achieve your goals.

The following gives an idea of the ways in which Heart Social can help. All services are bespoke.

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Starting out

If you are new to social media and do not know where to start, I will advise which platforms will work best for you and will set up those platforms along with high resolution profile images and a bio that speaks your brand.


The next step

If your platforms are already in place but you would like advice on how to run them more effectively, or if I have set up the platforms and you do not know what to do next, I will devise a strategy to achieve your goals, with guidance on how to implement it. For many this will be a brand awareness exercise to raise your profile on social media and build an engaged following.


Managing your channels

A well managed social media presence is time consuming and can be daunting. Heart Social can manage your platforms for you daily, based on an agreed strategy. I will create and curate content that is relevant to your brand and engage regularly with your target audience. 

If you are planning to launch a new product, a time specific campaign on social media is extremely effective for getting people talking about it and sharing their excitement. Heart Social will devise a strategy and run the campaign for you.


results matter

One of the enormous values of social media is that so much can be measured to see if your strategy is working. If Heart Social manages your channels for you, I will provide monthly feedback by looking at the relevant metrics. Together we can set targets to track whether Heart Social is meeting your goals or whether the strategy needs refining.



You may prefer some bespoke training to help improve your social media presence instead of engaging someone to manage your channels on a monthly basis. I can give tailored advice and training to individuals or to groups.